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Baseball: A Great and Glorious Game

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 13, 2009
  • The great and glorious game! Join us and show appreciation of the amazing game. Trade talk, free agents, rumors, history, and banter.

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  • I got a good feeling that this season will be a great one all around.

    by RedSoxpawn 7 months ago

  • one month until pitchers and catchers report!!

    by 1pawndown 7 months ago

  • We'll see if we can provide that good rivalry. My hopes are low going into 2013 because of last season!

    by GreenField85 3 years ago

  • Greenfield looking forward to Giants Rockies rivalry! I will have to look at your roster, all i know is that you traded off a lot of players last year.

    by Phelon 3 years ago

  • Moving forward I will be looking for a couple admins to promote the group on occasion, so if you're interested private message me.

    by GreenField85 3 years ago

  • Congratulations to the Giants on another Fall Classic win. Hopefully my Rockies will get 'em next year!

    by GreenField85 3 years ago

  • so what do think guys....the dodgers trade?? how deep do we go into the playoffs

    by MRBLUEAZUL 3 years ago

  • My name gets me into this one! :)

    by baseballdude 3 years ago

  • Yes the O's pen so far, but it is early!

    by 1pawndown 3 years ago

  • Anyone else surprised by how strong the Orioles' bullpen is?

    by EMNateNuke 3 years ago