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Central Florida Chess

  • Florida United States 
  • Formed: May 5, 2009
  • From the Space Coast and Daytona to Orlando to the Tampa Bay Coast!! Lets have a strong group that shows the talent of Florida's Chess! Casselberry, Celebration, Clearwater, Clermont, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Maitland, Mulberry, Oakland, Ocoee, Poinciana, Saint Cloud, Sanford, Sarasota, Tampa, Tavares, St. Petersburg, Union Park, and all Cities in the Heart of Florida.

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  • Yeah, enjoy it while you can, won't be long now.

    by sharkey101 2 weeks ago

  • Thankfully Spring has Sprung! Soak it up before the inferno begins. ;)

    by rookdown 2 weeks ago

  • It's a beautiful week in central Florida for some chess! Windows down and chess board out. Is everyone enjoying the weather and some of the matches we have going on?

    by Sefra 3 weeks ago

  • Thank you broccoli, we look forward to keeping CFC alive and well! We currently have a couple of matches open so check them out! One is for players <1400 and the other is an open match. We could use some more players there if anyone's interested - http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=386780

    by Sefra 4 weeks ago

  • welcome new admins. :)

    by broccolihero 4 weeks ago

  • one of the admins needs to send out 30 invites per day. that'll get it going.

    by camiller0122 4 weeks ago

  • We need about 8 to 12 active players to get this group going again.

    by sharkey101 4 weeks ago

  • If anybody is interested, we are about to start a new match against the Great British Empire. We could use a few more players if you got the extra time.

    by sharkey101 4 weeks ago

  • Good point Sharkey.

    by rookdown 4 weeks ago

  • I wouldn't post too many challenges yet, let's see how many participate in the two open matches we have now.

    by sharkey101 4 weeks ago