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Chess Learning

  • International 
  • Formed: Jun 2, 2012
  • This is a group where people can come to learn from each other! Anyone from anywhere at all levels and ages, this is a diverse group! All you need to join is a love for the game and the desire to improve! We will be playing team matches and vote chess, as well as participating in forums and analysis as we help each other to grow in our chess knowledge! No offensive posting, name calling, or derogatory comments, or you will be banned from this group

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  • anyone like to discuss any chess book thay have read?

    by Youngpokerkid 13 months ago

  • Already signed up :)

    by stephen_33 14 months ago

  • just joined

    by adamplenty 14 months ago

  • Ok we got the vote chess? We have black, come join! http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=37570

    by ChristianSoldier007 14 months ago

  • I'll go for both then

    by ChristianSoldier007 15 months ago

  • Yes to Vote Chess but no thanks to the tournament for me :)

    by stephen_33 15 months ago

  • Why not both? 8-)

    by MaartenSmit 15 months ago

  • I don't care. Choose whatever you think is best :)

    by Samsch 15 months ago

  • I can join the tournament and start a vote chess if you guys would like or the vote chess only... need to know pretty quickly

    by ChristianSoldier007 15 months ago

  • How about a game of Vote Chess as well as a tournament! Discussion about moves can be a great way of learning for all abilities :)

    by stephen_33 15 months ago