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  • International 
  • Formed: Jun 2, 2012
  • This is a group where people can come to learn from each other! Anyone from anywhere at all levels and ages, this is a diverse group! All you need to join is a love for the game and the desire to improve! We will be playing team matches and vote chess, as well as participating in forums and analysis as we help each other to grow in our chess knowledge! No offensive posting, name calling, or derogatory comments, or you will be banned from this group

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  • I have to agree & giving a comatose group new life involves more work & time than I have right now.

    by stephen_33 7 weeks ago

  • Other than us two, I think this group has pretty much faded out. I think it was started by ChristianSoldier but I haven't heard from him in a long, long time.

    by dalephilly 7 weeks ago

  • Any interest in playing a game of vote chess anyone?

    by stephen_33 7 weeks ago

  • hi to all members of this fantastic group, u all are welcome to send a friend request...as I am a 90-30 and/or 45-45 player

    by Vibhav_G 3 months ago

  • Lol - if I'm the highest rated player in this group, we really need to do some recruiting fast!

    by stephen_33 12 months ago

  • Thanks - I'm already trying to reinvigorate one of the two groups I run, so if that's successful then I'll try the same thing here :-)

    by stephen_33 15 months ago

  • Stephen, I made you a super admin of this group, just in case you want to try and do something with it. Unfortunately, yes, many of our core members just aren't active anymore

    by dalephilly 15 months ago

  • I would have hoped that MaartenSmit would join but he hasn't logged in for about five weeks! In fact a lot of members of this group have stayed away for a long time, even your admin. :-(

    by stephen_33 15 months ago

  • The vote chess game was excellent, if we have enough support we can probably do another

    by dalephilly 15 months ago

  • I enjoyed that Vote Chess game we had a while ago - anyone up for another one?

    by stephen_33 15 months ago