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Chess Super Saiyans

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 16, 2010
  • Kamehameha!!! The Chess Super Saiyans is a group for those with a passion for the Dragon Ball Z anime series and also for anyone who wants to ascend their chess skills to the next level.

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  • what?

    by wildtigercarson 5 days ago

  • lol

    by pinkv728 11 days ago

  • same

    by wildtigercarson 12 days ago

  • hi im new and i LOVE DB,DBZ, and DBGT

    by pinkv728 3 weeks ago

  • Hello! I'm am super admin at it's over Nine thousand! Our group is becoming more active again. If you would like you can join our group and meet others who also enjoy Dragon ball z.

    by Pascalz 15 months ago

  • I hope it is

    by evil_monster 17 months ago

  • Is this group ALIVE???

    by Rogwilco 17 months ago

  • Any chance of a team match?

    by Rogwilco 18 months ago

  • Seeing as we haven't any more members, maybe you should start some matches. Serves as good advertising

    by graviterest 3 years ago

  • Thank you for joining wuwuwuwuwu and laurat! I would start some team matches, but we need more members first.

    by GetsugaTenshou24 4 years ago