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Chess.com Translators: Spanish

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 17, 2012
  • A group for fluent speakers of English & Spanish who are helping Chess.com become fluent in Spanish! Thank you!

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  • Cual es Morgan? Tal vez podemos ayudar

    by dani_el 30 hours ago

  • Hay una errata en Ajedrez en Línea.

    by Morgan 35 hours ago

  • Hı everyone!

    by Joker-Jamal 4 months ago

  • Hola todos!

    by Joker-Jamal 4 months ago

  • I can speak both languages, If there is anything I can do please let me know!

    by Phillipians4-8 4 months ago

  • La barra de start translading, hay manera de quitarla.?

    by Artxi 4 months ago

  • Thank you for letting me join my friends:-)

    by brigatine-66 4 months ago

  • Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it!

    by elvis_contreras 4 months ago

  • Pues sí. Se están introduciendo algunas traducciones no muy afortunadas como la que indica Pathtomastery. En fin, entre todas las votaciones que vayamos haciendo supongo que las iremos mejorando. Paciencia...;). De todas formas, hemos avanzado bastante desde cuando empezamos a traducir esto...;).

    by chessmasterspain 7 months ago

  • I speak Spanish very well - fluent in English. Would be happy to help with anything.

    by 7thSense 7 months ago


Great News! Planning to go Live with Spanish next week!

Submitted by DeepGreene on Dec 13, 2012 posted in Chess.com Translators: Spanish News
Hi all! Thanks to the efforts of all our translators (YOU guys!), we've now reached the point where we believe we can now make the site available in Spanish to non-translators: a change we're planning to make as early as next Monday. This does...Read More »