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  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 24, 2013
  • We are EARTHLINGS. We try our best.and most importantly our team sticks together through thick and thin. We play Team Matches. Make friends on the way. We play fair and hate bullies. If you can't abide by this. Don't join. Thanks

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  • ty

    by TrailsInTheSky 28 hours ago

  • If you put out an open Team Match challenge, please have the courtesy to communicate when the challenge is accepted or respond when friendly messages are sent. I'm cancelling the Team Match.

    by AcidGAz1972 2 days ago

  • ok

    by charles1949 4 days ago

  • no need to thank is my duty to Friend

    by empr14 4 days ago

  • thanks for your help

    by charles1949 4 days ago

  • you are welcome charles1949

    by empr14 4 days ago

  • welcome to the team enjoy

    by charles49 5 days ago

  • Thanks for the invite!

    by Provice 5 days ago

  • Pozdrav svim zemljanima i ja sam sa zemlje jedino ako nisam ranije pao sa neke druge planete !!!

    by Bora2507 8 days ago

  • Hello all fellow Earthlings playing chess on Planet Earth...Milky Way Galaxy....Universe. :) OM

    by WillOM 11 days ago