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Egypt Chess960

  • Chess960 WL2012 R2 has started Egypt 
  • Formed: Aug 7, 2009
  • It is an offecial team for Egypt and people who like playing only chess960

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  • the result has been corrected to become DRAW

    by mitto 12 days ago

  • Revise my comment about it to the organizers in this link: http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/chess960-wl2014---division-e2

    by mitto 3 weeks ago

  • I have sent message to chess.com support today ,and tomorrow I will recieve the respond

    by mitto 3 weeks ago

  • How comes ......... it is a draw !@?!@#$%^!!!

    by A_Mgd 3 weeks ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=450130 the result is 3-3 but team malysia is the winner how??

    by spider99 4 weeks ago

  • عيد اضحى سعيد لأعضاء الجروب والفريق الرسمى الدولى لشطرنج فيشر

    by mitto 7 weeks ago

  • Thanks for your invite

    by MuhammadTalented 3 months ago

  • join this match before 8 SEP http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=444594

    by mitto 3 months ago

  • Hi, please lock the match :)

    by hilaking 10 months ago

  • welcome as a new chess power to our group

    by mitto 12 months ago