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English Opening Lovers

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2010
  • This group is dedicated to the ACTIVE discussion and practice of all things 1. c4. We will have tournaments in various variations of the English, as well as 1.c4 themed vote and team chess matches. We play vote chess according to rules that stimulate the discussion and the discussion in our forum is very lively too.

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  • After 1.c4 e6 2.Nc3 d5, I always play 3.cxd5 exd5 4.d4, landing in an exchange QGD. Very comfortable with the white pieces there.

    by varelse1 7 hours ago

  • Against 1....c6, sometimes I go into a slav, sometimes a Caro.Kann, depending on my mood. This may be a hole in my repetoire, I admit.

    by varelse1 7 hours ago

  • against 2...Bb4, I usually play 3.Nd5. Although I've never studied this line much, I've never gotten a worse opening in this line.

    by varelse1 7 hours ago

  • And what do you play against Slav/QG setups with an early ...d5? Just curious, because keeping the N on b1 seems pretty flexible in those cases.

    by benkku52 7 hours ago

  • How do you meet the Kramnik-Shirov counter with 2 ...Bb4? Just ignore it?

    by benkku52 7 hours ago

  • Am a big fan of 2.Nc3 myself. To switch to 2.g3 would be to reinvent the wheel.

    by varelse1 8 hours ago

  • Well, I partly agree with what you say about Marin, but I think that his clear and consistent outline of the early move order (with playing 2. g3 almost no matter what) gives you a good tool at your hand to play the early opening well and confidently. As long as you're not playing against an Anti-English expert (which is a rare species on our amateur level, or even in general), you'll do well.

    by benkku52 15 hours ago

  • To start with Marin is to risk being confused and overwhelmed.

    by odyson 27 hours ago

  • Kosten's book is a clear and concise overview of the strategic aims of the English opening. This book will have you playing the English with confidence in a week or two. If you want to do the hard work of refining your understanding, then Marin's books are where to go.

    by odyson 27 hours ago

  • That is a matter of taste. Marin and Kosten seem to disagree about the worth an necessity of an early a3, so it might be an interesting complement to Marin having Kosten's book, too. But Marin's 3 volumes contain enough to keep you busy for a decade, so...

    by benkku52 28 hours ago