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English Opening Lovers

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2010
  • This group is dedicated to the ACTIVE discussion and practice of all things 1. c4. We will have tournaments in various variations of the English, as well as 1.c4 themed vote and team chess matches. We play vote chess according to rules that stimulate the discussion and the discussion in our forum is very lively too.

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  • I love the English but then again what is not to love about it. :)

    by JMccormack 5 days ago

  • I am in! Should be fun

    by Allaboda 5 days ago

  • the team match with the bird opening lovers is open for registration

    by ccssii 5 days ago

  • I'm currently on the Finnish countryside with limited internet access. Will do my best to keep track, though.

    by benkku52 7 days ago

  • Yes, I guess we should enjoy Venice while we can. I would be especially interested in a vote chess game.

    by odyson 9 days ago

  • Italy sounds great. Hope went safely and smoothly.

    by varelse1 10 days ago

  • I'm in the middle of organizing a team match against the Bird's Opening Lovers - I'm curious how many people of our group will join...

    by ccssii 12 days ago

  • I'm back from my trip to Italy - was great fun.

    by ccssii 12 days ago

  • they have other rating groups - that just happens to be mine currently

    by St3in 3 weeks ago

  • for those members who want to show the quality of the group http://www.chess.com/tournament/28th-chesscom-thematic-tournament---english-1601-1800

    by St3in 3 weeks ago