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English Opening Lovers

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2010
  • This group is dedicated to the ACTIVE discussion and practice of all things 1. c4. We will have tournaments in various variations of the English, as well as 1.c4 themed vote and team chess matches. We play vote chess according to rules that stimulate the discussion and the discussion in our forum is very lively too.

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  • Merry Christmas

    by cookie3 18 hours ago

  • Merry Christmas!

    by ccssii 26 hours ago

  • aaaah right thanks for the info :-)

    by JonnyLinny 2 weeks ago

  • or online chess here

    by DonSalluste 2 weeks ago

  • correspondance chess

    by ccssii 2 weeks ago

  • what is Cor. chess? I have learnt what OTB means from this discussion but can't find cor chess? I don't know how I would cope with an actual real game of chess with a real person :-

    by JonnyLinny 2 weeks ago

  • I focus on OTB, so it's a tool for me, but many members don't play OTB (or even live chess) - for them it is a game and rightfully so!

    by ccssii 2 weeks ago

  • cookie3, I think it is not a tool for everyone, for others it's a game.

    by ccssii 2 weeks ago

  • like i said, its only a tool and only as useful as the person using the tool.

    by cookie3 3 weeks ago

  • You're right ccssi but it demands an iron will and homeopathic dose. The competitive aspect easily takes over in Cor.Chess. Vote Chess is another story, I see it more like a place to share and to discuss. Databases are good food for thoughts but of course shouldn't be followed blindly.

    by DonSalluste 3 weeks ago