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  • THE INTERNET United States 
  • Formed: Feb 12, 2013
  • Integer Shift is a game maker He is currently making a few games! Please support him! Go to his blog @ integershift.wordpress.com for updates! Blog: integershift.wordpress.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Integershift/129764307200925?ref=hl

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  • There is a facebook page so check dat out ill put the link in a sec

    by pain_191 23 months ago

  • yeh

    by pain_191 23 months ago

  • game wise

    by leboy888 23 months ago

  • ok so where are we at the moment

    by leboy888 23 months ago

  • Yeh!

    by pain_191 23 months ago

  • Not really it is in development. The game cant even be played right now!

    by pain_191 23 months ago

  • Lol. Do you know what the game will be like? Can't quite tell from the site...

    by ker123 23 months ago

  • Integershift Is making a game. He wanted me to make a group for him, So I did. IntegerShift, the member, is not actually him.

    by pain_191 23 months ago

  • Hate to say it but i have no clue what IntegerShift really is so... could anyone tell me

    by Bob-bomb 23 months ago

  • Yeah

    by pain_191 24 months ago

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