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International Vote Chess Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 30, 2014
  • This group is for anyone who likes vote chess. Feel free to join and have fun!

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  • http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=76724

    by Piqo 2 weeks ago

  • At it's best, vote chess is a good way of learning about chess by giving and getting input from fellow team members.

    by odyson 3 weeks ago

  • 4 years on this site... still no idea about what vote chess is :/

    by PrincessRosalina 3 weeks ago

  • Yes, it is vote chess...

    by Piqo 3 weeks ago

  • Which game Guerau? If it is live vote chess, I usually stay too busy to join in lvc, but I can join in slower matches in turn based games. Part of the challenge with live chess is as a mod, I may get an alert that I'm needed for a show at a moment's notice, for example, Bullet Brawls with IM Danny Rensch. The tweet goes out, the post goes up in the mod group, and then the alert is posted for Chess.com/TV. When that happens, I usually drop whatever I'm doing to be there to help.

    by roninreturns 3 weeks ago

  • Cool! Have you joined the game yet?

    by Piqo 3 weeks ago

  • Also I volunteer with Chess.com now in Chess.com/TV Moderators, Live Chess Moderators, Live Chess Event Presenters, and V3 group, for site design, testing and development. Let me know as a member of Help if I can ever be of assistance to our members in the group and at the site.

    by roninreturns 3 weeks ago

  • I admin in 15 groups at the site, so I can usually find a group to challenge quickly, although if I'm in both groups, I will not be able to play because that would be a conflict of interests, and I Never quit one group to play for another, just my personal policy.

    by roninreturns 3 weeks ago

  • Work has been getting busier this year, but I wanted to check in with everyone and let you know I'm still here! : ) Let me know if we need more group challenges in the coming weeks, and I'll be glad to help set one up. Enjoy the springtime everyone...

    by roninreturns 4 weeks ago

  • Awesome! I joined!

    by Piqo 4 weeks ago