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  • Canada 
  • Formed: Feb 3, 2009
  • see my forum post - aabbccdd (group) open to all This group started out as aabbccdd's namesake group, but he changed his username to kid_of_chess so this group's name changed too. NOTE:I am holding this group hostage at the moment!

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  • Group name changed, edited group description to reflect the fact that this group formerly was aabbccdd and it is now kid_of_chess.

    by WindowsEnthusiast 6 years ago

  • Hello team how is chess, Team match vs The American <1400 no one registered yet, and the opponent is quite a time ready and waiting,if there's no interest guy's, why not cancel the match??,,,,,Hurry up and support your team,,,thank you!

    by Ambach 6 years ago

  • 33 members

    by WindowsEnthusiast 6 years ago

  • can't play it =P

    by falling-upwards 6 years ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=12212 OG

    by OpeningGambit 6 years ago

  • I am OpeningGambit, the team leader of Checkmate! We have a match waiting to start, where you have 2 players registered. You are meant to get 15 together, but haven't. We have got 40 people to sign up. Please could you either abort the match or get your people signed up. It would be nice if the game could go ahead, however, as lots of our players have commited themselves and it would be good if they could get a game. Thanks, TEAM LEADER OF CHECKMATE!: OG

    by OpeningGambit 6 years ago

  • eh, konichiwa. hi windows7

    by James8 6 years ago

  • 32 members now, invite more.

    by WindowsEnthusiast 6 years ago

  • The invitation by me boosted our population by four members. Let's invite more, and become as big as Chess Unlimited (1340 members).

    by WindowsEnthusiast 6 years ago

  • 28 members

    by WindowsEnthusiast 6 years ago