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  • Formed: May 31, 2009
  • Gnu/Linux users group

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  • http://www.chess.com/blog/achja/two-quotimmortalquot-games-in-one-month

    by achja 2 months ago

  • Hallo back :)

    by LadyAngel 3 months ago

  • Netrunner GNU/Linux, says Hello

    by Stephenson2 3 months ago

  • Sorry I'm admin in the group I post Zappa in

    by Stephenson2 7 months ago

  • post video to notes use im bad code at you tube on notes you will see a list of options use face book icon to video. (I don't write well sorry) I am using Fedora with crhome as browser I'll post Zappa to news here

    by Stephenson2 7 months ago

  • Can anybody help out??? Have already written to the help desk, but they say, that chess.com did not do anything, but that YouTube made some changes........... so they can't help me, besides referring me to the thread.

    by LadyAngel 7 months ago

  • Guys, I need some help here; since Dec. I can no longer post YouTube video's in the Forums............... I have read the tread, where several people did some suggestions, ways around..... that worked for them (windows users), but I tried all their suggestions, and NOTHING worked with UBUNTU 12.04.

    by LadyAngel 7 months ago

  • Every 2-3 months II use a different distro right now I am using Fedora it is a-okay

    by Stephenson2 7 months ago

  • http://linux-website-screenshots.tumblr.com

    by john-a-dreams 7 months ago

  • I'm going to check out fedora 20 on a usb tomorrow

    by SteveM 8 months ago