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  • I think pretty much any distribution can be installed on an ecnrypted partition. Personally I use arch linux. It requires some command line work to install though, but you chose what you want.

    by luscinius 6 weeks ago

  • I got the starter kit. The chip is a 32 bit,700Mz ARM11 architecture. I'm still reading trough the book. So far I like it. I've worked with allot of microcontrollers, but this seems to be in a class all it's own.

    by Davidsordiff 4 months ago

  • what system are you using?

    by SteveM 4 months ago

  • any one out there work with a raspberry pi? I got one from radio shack. so far I like it.

    by Davidsordiff 4 months ago

  • Best download manager for Linux

    by plaxmanasai 4 months ago

  • I did it. I partitioned the hard drive right down the middle, and it worked. I guess it had something to do with an old BIOS.

    by Davidsordiff 9 months ago

  • I believe the problem lies in the BIOS some how. I changed out the hard drives in both machines, and still nothing. I'm only able to boot and load widows or DOS. The thing that puzzles me is there is no post BIOS setting. I've tried usb and external CD/DVD. Same thing won't boot Linux. I've installed many machines with these disks with no problems at all.

    by Davidsordiff 9 months ago

  • The only thing that comes close to you problem is, a desktop once showed a commandline enviremomnent after completing installation. But that was due to the weak very onboard graphicsadapter. And since Ubuntu 14.04 only.

    by Kepheus 9 months ago

  • Try booting from a USB stick, if possible of course.

    by DaveCas 9 months ago

  • I installed various OS on many pc's and notebooks but never heard of such a problem. Maybe you created a unique errormessage, happens to me sometimes;) Or the DVD is corrupt if the error occurs on both machines. The errormessage is the key. Write it down! Good luck!

    by Kepheus 9 months ago