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  • Hey, I confused. Will we play holywar matches only?

    by corvinusz 6 weeks ago

  • Hello Marat, welcome here!

    by Torkil 7 weeks ago

  • hi all. Glad to meet community here )

    by corvinusz 7 weeks ago

  • Debian is now 2nd place over Ubuntu on distrowatch. I know DW isn't the "last word" on linux, but it's interesting.

    by SteveM 4 months ago

  • I have been trying out Mageia 5 for a while now, and I must say it rocks.

    by Torkil 4 months ago

  • Last news : 1. Linux 4.2 rc4. | 2. Development Release: openSUSE 42.1 Milestone 1

    by King1Chess1 4 months ago

  • I think pretty much any distribution can be installed on an ecnrypted partition. Personally I use arch linux. It requires some command line work to install though, but you chose what you want.

    by luscinius 7 months ago

  • I got the starter kit. The chip is a 32 bit,700Mz ARM11 architecture. I'm still reading trough the book. So far I like it. I've worked with allot of microcontrollers, but this seems to be in a class all it's own.

    by Davidsordiff 9 months ago

  • what system are you using?

    by SteveM 9 months ago

  • any one out there work with a raspberry pi? I got one from radio shack. so far I like it.

    by Davidsordiff 9 months ago