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Manhattan Chess Masters

  • New York, NY International 
  • Formed: Sep 5, 2011
  • For chess enthusiasts who love or live in Manhattan.

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  • sorry because of my absences but it was all a technical error that shut down my internet.

    by Smooth_Chess54 2 years ago

  • Ok so if anyone does want to meet maybe in union square for an outdoor chess match, let's all pick a day this week or sometime soon. If you'd like to suggest a time or day to do this, email me at MeanReds85@gmail.com

    by MeanReds85 2 years ago

  • <--- lives far uptown

    by Smooth_Chess54 3 years ago

  • Next weekend?

    by RedBotz 3 years ago

  • Sounds fun, I'm in!

    by Gileslewey 3 years ago

  • We should all schedule a time to meet and play in one of the parks. People play in Union Square a lot.

    by MeanReds85 3 years ago

  • ppl play in parks or other "unkown" places

    by Smooth_Chess54 3 years ago

  • Where do people play in NYC? I've been to the under 2000 tournaments a few times at the Marshall

    by Gileslewey 3 years ago

  • we need to get this group alive

    by Smooth_Chess54 3 years ago

  • am i the only Manhattaner that likes the heat

    by Smooth_Chess54 3 years ago