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  • Formed: Aug 7, 2010
  • we love Rock music and chess.we play the chess like a rock.we will rock you.....we are the Rockers....

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  • 07.19.2013 Russia have lost one of the greatest russian rock musicians. The frontmat and composer of the popular russian punck-band "Korol i Shout"(King and Jester) Mikhail "Gorshok" Gorshenev died of hart attack 18 days before his 40th Birthday. Most of the band's works were in genres of horror-punk, folk-punk and art-rock. 07.23 thousends of the fans came to Gorshok's civil publik funeral in St. Peterburg. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L1F_OVnJNcw

    by Vit555 20 months ago

  • :) I am not good player. 1600 rating. Whatever I will try to win .

    by BishopPoem 21 months ago

  • To all Rockers.Now we have new team match against team India.we need 10 good players.Wish you all the best.

    by koey 21 months ago

  • yes, but I am not admin here. Hello Admins pls create team match we are alive.

    by BishopPoem 21 months ago

  • To all Rockers.we are going to make some team match in near future.please support our team .

    by koey 21 months ago

  • is true.we need to be organize n need some planing for our team.like start with small group team match.lets start BishopPoem.

    by koey 21 months ago

  • should be upgrade our team match .

    by BishopPoem 21 months ago

  • sorry for our team delay.we will be up grade our team match in near future.hope you you all support our team match.wish you all the best .

    by koey 21 months ago

  • Hello, I am the Captain of Starfleet Academy. We have a team match, but only one of your members have signed up! I hope to see more of you there! If so or if not, have a great day and some good chess!

    by CaptainPike 3 years ago

  • Welcome wizzynoo.

    by ZayarShay 3 years ago

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