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Santa Barbara Chess Club

  • Santa Barbara, CA United States 
  • Formed: Sep 26, 2009
  • Hello all, every one is welcome to join our club. Very soon we will be posting the place and times for the club to meet and play. Please send us a message with any suggestions and questions. Thank you

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  • Anyone want to play?

    by stevaux 6 weeks ago

  • email me to play at winston9109@gmail.com

    by WallStreetUnderWater 6 weeks ago

  • i've been playing down at Good Cup on state during the evenings.

    by WallStreetUnderWater 6 weeks ago

  • Hello, is there a active SB chess club? If so can someone post the club url or details please? Thanks!

    by luvthefloyd 7 weeks ago

  • Awesome. Just saw some people playing blitz at a coffee shop today, they told me about the bridge center. Hopefully soon ....

    by Eliot_Jacobson 4 months ago

  • Is this the SBCC chess club or the one at the bridge center that cfvb mentioned?

    by princetonlion 5 months ago

  • Hi

    by princetonlion 5 months ago

  • Any chess activity in the Santa Ynez Valley?

    by StefanCreston 7 months ago

  • its near modoc rd

    by cfvb 8 months ago

  • At the bridge center every Thursday at 7:00 pm

    by cfvb 8 months ago