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Santa Barbara Chess Club

  • Santa Barbara, CA United States 
  • Formed: Sep 26, 2009
  • Hello all, every one is welcome to join our club. Very soon we will be posting the place and times for the club to meet and play. Please send us a message with any suggestions and questions. Thank you

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  • is that address for thursday in mackenzie park?

    by tylo211 3 months ago

  • hello everyone looking to play chess around the ventra and santa barbara area

    by richiepnoy1 3 months ago

  • hi, my 7 year old son plays chess, is a USCF member based in LA and will be in Santa Barbara for the month of August. Does anyone have a recommendation for where and/or with whom he can regularly play?

    by maxL5 6 months ago

  • This Thursday at the chess club we'll be having a 4 round Quick-rated tournament! G/20 with 5 second delay. Cash payout based on participation. Come out and support the club at our first ever rated event!!! Bring your chess supplies! The entry fee is $15 cash and current USCF membership is necessary if you want to compete. See you all there! Jason Garfield Supreme Chancellor and Overlord of SBCCC and Tibet.

    by TacticalJesus 6 months ago

  • Chess club going awesome! Every Thursday at 7 at 2255 Las Pasitas Road! Bring your chess supplies, bring your friends! and bring $4.

    by TacticalJesus 7 months ago

  • I can't make it tomorrow but maybe next week.

    by darkleaf 7 months ago

  • How long have y'all been staying on Thursdays? I might not be able to get there until a bit past 7!

    by bowlofcereal 7 months ago

  • Chess club Every Thursday Guys!!!!

    by liquidChessGuru 7 months ago

  • Hopefully there is a meeting tonight? At Santa Barbara Bridge Center @ 2255 Las Pasitas Road as mentioned in a previous post. See you guys tonight at 7...

    by fredhope2000 8 months ago

  • Is there going to be a chess club at 7 this Thursday? Where would it be?

    by bowlofcereal 8 months ago