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sherlock holmes

  • Australia 
  • Formed: Jun 10, 2012
  • Come join if you are a sherlockiana

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  • This team is inactive. If you like Sherlock Holmes, join us at the Baker Street Irregulars http://www.chess.com/groups/home/baker-street-irregulars

    by JohnLenin 22 months ago

  • To get a new Sa you have to ask a staff member to sort it for you.

    by Commander_Dolim 23 months ago

  • OK baker street it is

    by yenyyenyen 2 years ago

  • The super admin has died again. Multiple accounts not a good idea. Just join us at Baker Street!!

    by JohnLenin 2 years ago

  • Why don't you all join Baker St.?

    by Sutirtha11 2 years ago

  • yeah

    by yenyyenyen 2 years ago

  • It can't be and it can't be merged either

    by Sutirtha11 2 years ago

  • Can this group be disbanded.

    by JohnLenin 2 years ago

  • hey guys this is sikowitz i was the group leader but my account was banned welcome!

    by yenyyenyen 2 years ago

  • I'm a member there too--so not a bad idea. They've become quite active lately.

    by BWater 2 years ago