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Sky is not the limit

  • ✿ Never say that the sky is the limit if there is a footprint on the moon. ✿ International 
  • Formed: May 10, 2011
  • This group is about those people who love chess and kind hearted people anyone can join us even low rated players can join us here we are here to play and learn ,So be a part of our group because we will let you enjoy as our group member. :)

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  • hehehe

    by FruityMango 16 months ago

  • then i would like to be boring :P

    by Tayyab 16 months ago

  • That's OK, weird people are interesting. other people are just boring ... ;)

    by iAMaSOFTWAREengineer 16 months ago

  • lol I am weird guy engineer how can u say that

    by Tayyab 16 months ago

  • Tayyab is a weird guy . That's all i know about him :D

    by iAMaSOFTWAREengineer 17 months ago

  • Yes

    by Tayyab 21 months ago

  • Why Tayyab account closed.. any idea ?

    by FruityMango 21 months ago

  • Happy Haloween :)

    by FruityMango 24 months ago

  • lol am i freaking u out Xilion monk

    by Tayyab 24 months ago

  • Servant? Uniform? ... your a total weird person.. hard to understand @ karatekiddo

    by FruityMango 24 months ago