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  • Where ever there is a teenager International 
  • Formed: Feb 14, 2009
  • This is a group for the teens of chess.com.So join the group if you like going crazy and under 20 . JOIN NOW!!!!! says every teen in the land we are the most popular teen group yeah This team is associated to Chess Society.

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  • Texans as a whole seem to be rather laid back people, until they think their pride is being attacked. No doubt it is different from Poland. It's even different from Alabama, going there is like going to another country for me even.

    by RedSoxpawn 13 hours ago

  • We have groups on facebook already, but the people and everything seem so different from Poland

    by Kacparov 13 hours ago

  • 1000km depending on where I am working. I was working in Louisana 2 weeks ago. Dallas is a nice city. I've been there a few times. My stepfather has family there. As for the language, in Texas they speak Texan. You should get in touch with the Texas group here on the site, they can probably help you better. There is also a group that seems to be for students who are at UT.

    by RedSoxpawn 18 hours ago

  • Yes, if I'm correct it's thousand of kilometres from you. I'm a bit afraid about the language, but I hope that it will be better once I get used to it

    by Kacparov 19 hours ago

  • Wish I could give you some advice. I know a lot of international students though, everybody is different but they are all pretty cool people with interesting backgrounds. UTDallas right?

    by RedSoxpawn 34 hours ago

  • actually it will be the first time I'm in the US

    by Kacparov 37 hours ago

  • indeed.

    by RedSoxpawn 37 hours ago

  • we'll see.. it certainly won't be easy

    by Kacparov 37 hours ago

  • Sounds like the future is going to be tech heavy...

    by RedSoxpawn 3 days ago

  • Computer Science

    by Kacparov 3 days ago