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Teens of chess

  • Where ever there is a teenager International 
  • Formed: Feb 14, 2009
  • This is a group for the teens of chess.com.So join the group if you like going crazy and under 20 . JOIN NOW!!!!! says every teen in the land we are the most popular teen group yeah This team is associated to Chess Society.

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  • That's a nice Uncle Sam...

    by RedSoxpawn 5 hours ago

  • i got a crown next to mine

    by KelseyRed 6 hours ago

  • check out the cool diamond next to my name!! Pretty fancy huh?

    by FIRE_FOR_EFFECT 9 hours ago

  • they are in charge of the group, they set up matches, send invites etc. What doesnt make sense kac?

    by FIRE_FOR_EFFECT 10 hours ago

  • Depends. I'm a rather bad admin, i'm constantly having to get my underlings to do the work, Some are really into it. Essentially you run the group, from setting up team matches and vote chess games to Policing your members.

    by RedSoxpawn 10 hours ago

  • what does admin do?

    by KelseyRed 10 hours ago

  • I don't think it actually makes any sense

    by Kacparov 17 hours ago

  • im gnna make someone else admin, and let them take the reigns. Im sure it can be a successful group it has been in the past.

    by FIRE_FOR_EFFECT 20 hours ago

  • what do u mean hand over?

    by KelseyRed 28 hours ago

  • lol, ill take it. im about to hand this group over seeing as im almost 20, and am very busy in the army now. So if you would like just let me know ok?

    by FIRE_FOR_EFFECT 3 days ago