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Teens of chess

  • Where ever there is a teenager International 
  • Formed: Feb 14, 2009
  • This is a group for the teens of chess.com.So join the group if you like going crazy and under 20 . JOIN NOW!!!!! says every teen in the land we are the most popular teen group yeah This team is associated to Chess Society.

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  • h i:)

    by Kacparov 3 weeks ago

  • Hi, everyone :)

    by A_11_A 5 weeks ago

  • Oh dear. In that case, I'm alive, too, so yayy! Haven't been eaten by cats or anything. If this group's dead we should hold a funeral.

    by mightaswell2202 5 months ago

  • yeah this group is so dead'

    by Arkhimeedes 5 months ago

  • The group is dying. People want to be an admin to get the group back together, and other people are just mentioning that they are still alive.

    by falcogrine 5 months ago

  • well, damn, this is kind of sad. Why is everybody talking about being admin or being alive?

    by mightaswell2202 5 months ago

  • hello

    by falcogrine 6 months ago

  • hi guys

    by Arkhimeedes 6 months ago

  • I'm alive

    by Kacparov 6 months ago

  • I'm here, not able to be admin but not dead either.

    by falcogrine 7 months ago