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The Danny Rensch Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 4, 2010
  • This is the group where danny is our idol, and mentor.

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  • There is now a banner that ChessTV with IM Rensch is Open to ALL MEMBERS. But on click it says it is open only for Gold members and above (?!)

    by mcris 6 months ago

  • On the bright side, it's been years since 2 people posted here on the same day, BryPin. Looking livlier than ever! Have you checked out Danny's videos in the library? The Tactics Trainer series is super fun. Did you see?

    by zealandzen 10 months ago

  • A quiet group

    by BryPin 10 months ago

  • Time to break out that festive poncho for the Bullet Brawl #100 celebration!

    by zealandzen 13 months ago

  • Bullet Brawls appear on Chess.com's youtube channel on Wednesday now. I'm dying to know how Danny will celebrate the 100th BB on October 8th?

    by zealandzen 14 months ago

  • hello, fans!

    by zealandzen 19 months ago

  • Today the 50th Bullet Brawl was released on youtube! TY Danny!

    by zealandzen 2 years ago

  • hmm this group is hardly breathing.. Ill come back when there's more to do. :)

    by jelo-amie 3 years ago

  • If people could laugh at themselves more ... there'd be less wars... Im new here, just joined...

    by jelo-amie 3 years ago

  • I just joined :)

    by laith10 3 years ago

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