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The Danny Rensch Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 4, 2010
  • This is the group where danny is our idol, and mentor.

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  • Time to break out that festive poncho for the Bullet Brawl #100 celebration!

    by zealandzen 3 months ago

  • Bullet Brawls appear on Chess.com's youtube channel on Wednesday now. I'm dying to know how Danny will celebrate the 100th BB on October 8th?

    by zealandzen 4 months ago

  • hello, fans!

    by zealandzen 9 months ago

  • Today the 50th Bullet Brawl was released on youtube! TY Danny!

    by zealandzen 14 months ago

  • hmm this group is hardly breathing.. Ill come back when there's more to do. :)

    by jelo-amie 23 months ago

  • If people could laugh at themselves more ... there'd be less wars... Im new here, just joined...

    by jelo-amie 2 years ago

  • I just joined :)

    by laith10 2 years ago

  • didn't knew about this group, glad to be here :)

    by KeyserSzoze 2 years ago

  • Danny Rensch: The Great Bambino of Chess... and yes I laughed at my own joke :)

    by JHBlack 3 years ago

  • Checka roooski alabalabamba!!

    by Cruiseylee78 3 years ago

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