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The Grumpy Munchkins

  • United States 
  • Formed: Dec 6, 2009
  • This is a group dedicated to those few, those proud that are forever lower-rated. Its about the fun of playing rather than the capability of one's play.

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  • welcome* - spelled correctly this time :)

    by Rob_H 20 months ago

  • welcom

    by Rob_H 20 months ago

  • welcome deepmac

    by Rob_H 2 years ago

  • hey

    by deepmac 2 years ago

  • Thanks, you too!! :)

    by TigerLilov 2 years ago

  • Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

    by Rob_H 2 years ago

  • Happy Thanksgiving as well to all the U.S. based members

    by Rob_H 3 years ago

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    by hdturbo 3 years ago

  • Alright, we received a Team Vote Chess request... Can anyone explain to me what that is? :-) I guess I should know... oh well

    by Rob_H 3 years ago

  • OH dear. Tank's in dis group?

    by HungerGamesGirl 3 years ago