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  • Formed: Mar 13, 2009
  • Hello all! This is a group for my friends and I to talk, play chess, and to basically hang out.

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  • Thanks for joining!

    by 1chessking 5 years ago

  • Sorry to see you leave dsarkar. You will be missed.

    by 1chessking 6 years ago

  • says they will not refund my annual premium membership - it expires on 3/25/2010 - so they have reactivated my membership, and I am officially leaving on 3/25/2010 (unless I get a less exhausting job by then)

    by dsarkar 6 years ago

  • Due to my current job, I am not getting enough time and energy to enjoy chess any longer, so I am quitting chess once more. Take care, everybody!

    by dsarkar 6 years ago

  • InoYamanaka, you are a very heartless person. Charlie, I'm sorry about the death.

    by jaller435718 6 years ago

  • I had a death in the family

    by charlierock 6 years ago

  • We need people in the team match against Eowyn's Gaurd. Here is the link:

    by 1chessking 6 years ago

  • Sign up for the new team match against Eowyn's Gaurd!

    by 1chessking 6 years ago

  • Who's up for a team match? We've been challenged Eowyn's Guard. Max players - 15. Rating Range - <2100 3 days Rated games. So, who wants some action?

    by 1chessking 6 years ago

  • I've been very busy,working and trying to make a living and playing

    by charlierock 7 years ago

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