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THE Muffin Group

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 13, 2012
  • Welcome to THE muffin group here we all talk about muffins and our favorite foods! We are also a chess group we have team matches, vote chess, and tournaments. Welcome to all!

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  • I like the battery terminals on the neck. Nice touch.

    by DrSpudnik 8 weeks ago

  • His green, disfigured face

    by rayricefan 8 weeks ago

  • I'd like to see you say that to his face!

    by DrSpudnik 2 months ago

  • i don't think hes that awesome

    by rayricefan 2 months ago

  • They scream when Frankenstein comes strolling down the street.

    by DrSpudnik 3 months ago

  • its gatt a be if girls are screaming at it

    by jumbomuffin224 3 months ago

  • stunningly awesome

    by rayricefan 3 months ago

  • Why did they scream? Is your butt that stunning?

    by DrSpudnik 3 months ago

  • i was out running on the track in gym and i found 35 cents on the ground. I suddenly stopped, picked it all up, and made some of the girls behind me scream. I don't care. I got money

    by rayricefan 3 months ago

  • It's kind of crusty, but it's still worth every penny!

    by DrSpudnik 3 months ago