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THE Muffin Group

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 13, 2012
  • Welcome to THE muffin group here we all talk about muffins and our favorite foods! We are also a chess group we have team matches, vote chess, and tournaments. Welcome to all!

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  • zzzzzz only crumbs left.

    by DrSpudnik 5 days ago

  • Then do live chess.

    by LazorSword 3 months ago

  • It is at 3 days a move.

    by DrSpudnik 3 months ago

  • The chess life is the slow life

    by stevesmithfan 3 months ago

  • So he's leaving and taking his muffins with him?

    by DrSpudnik 5 months ago

  • jumbomuffin224 old me hat he does not plan to go on chess.com again. So who will be taking over as he muffin king or queen?

    by LazorSword 5 months ago

  • go on

    by DrSpudnik 6 months ago

  • That's good to here. Will you be able to go on often?

    by LazorSword 6 months ago

  • Woot woot woot!

    by DrSpudnik 6 months ago

  • I know I'm not a goner

    by stevesmithfan 6 months ago