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The Untouchables

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 23, 2012
  • Please join! We are a group growing quickly hoping to be the best vc team, match team, etc! please join so you can help us achieve our goal!

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  • Sorry, no time to upload a lesson today, had to prepare for a tournament for this weekend. It'll have to wait until next time.

    by ForeverHoldYourPiece 3 months ago

  • don't discontinue it

    by littleshifu 6 months ago

  • If Friday Tactic doesn't pick up, I'm going to discontinue it.

    by ForeverHoldYourPiece 6 months ago

  • Sorry guys, having comp issues, Friday Tactic will be postponed today.

    by ForeverHoldYourPiece 7 months ago

  • every time i lock that match for 8way, u guys send out news for everybody to join the match. then it nver gets locked by u guys. next time please lock when I do

    by YFIOTR 7 months ago

  • can u guys lock this http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=308784

    by YFIOTR 7 months ago

  • SURE

    by andrewtb 7 months ago

  • can you invite tanradish to the group?

    by Wbreno 7 months ago

  • hay all

    by brigatine-66 9 months ago

  • im good

    by ToughNinja 9 months ago