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World Chess Team

  • The World Australia 
  • Formed: Nov 19, 2013
  • In this group you can play team matches, you can chat and play group tournaments. Vote chess and learning about chess is included by joining this group. This group has no spam messages. We are a fast growing group.

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  • You're right, it should be enough, but....nothing is happening. Our only current match started over one year ago! Unless anyone objects, I propose we issue an Open Challenge with a 2-day time limit...

    by covpete1 8 hours ago

  • um

    by gluestix 2 days ago

  • we have 2 Supers and 8 Admins, dont you think that should be enough to handle the group ?

    by The_Power_In_Me 3 days ago

  • gluestix, covpete should be super admin

    by messi2 3 days ago

  • What are we doing with the Group Vote games v. Phillipines? I propose we accept one of them at least...

    by covpete1 3 days ago

  • You're right messi, shall we issue an Open Challenge and see who gets back to us? Want me to help at all?!

    by covpete1 3 days ago

  • we should start a new match

    by messi2 2 weeks ago

  • Yeh

    by gluestix 3 weeks ago

  • We have just won our Challenge Match v. Anything is Possible; a shame that their top two players both had their accounts closed during the match, umm......

    by covpete1 3 weeks ago

  • this is not working

    by messi2 3 weeks ago