NM Jesse Cohen Fan Club Directory

NM Jesse Cohen Fan Club Directory

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Hi guys! Welcome To the club From The ADMIN Staff From JCFC (Jesse Cohen Fan Club) . This Blog is about the Directory About  The Club! Down below we are going to tell you a little bit about this Club! and Where you should go to get help. 

~Home Page~ (Click here to see the Home Page)

  • Meet New People
  • Make new Rivals
  • Compete In Team Matches 

 ~Forums~ (Click here to see the Forums)

  • Ask Questions!
  • Get answers
  • Make New friends 
  • Post your Games and analysis 
  • Feel Free To Post anything 

~Live Team Matches~ (Click here To see The Team Matches)

  • Compete against other Teams
  • Earn points
  • Try and Help Our team win the Game!

~Club Blog~ (Click here To see The Club Blog)

  • Read The News
  • Find Things out 
  • Create New things

 ~Club Tournaments~ (Click Here To Find the Club Tournaments)

  • Compete against each other 
  • Earn Points 
  • get prizes 
  • Have Fun!

~Top Gifters~ (Click here To Find the Top Gifters of Our Club!)

~Top Players~ (Click here)

  • Find the top players
  • try and reach #1
  • Be the best you can be!

Well Thats all . If you have any questions contact Jesse or  Whiz . Thanks!

More News

First Official News For The Club!

First Official News For The Club!

Train Hard Now!

Train Hard Now!