NSPDCL Round 1 Pairings and Playing Instructions

NSPDCL Round 1 Pairings and Playing Instructions

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The Omelette (club) vs Computer Chess Wizards (club)

Brave Pawns (club) vs Lunatic Rangers (club)

The United Players Of have a Bye this round, there will be five rounds, 4 matches for each team and no playoffs.

For Captains: If your club is not made yet, please make one. Turn off "Anyone Can Join" once your team members have joined the club. Don't let players who aren't on your team join the club.

Please make sure to have "Play Team Matches" on in the club settings, that way the other club can challenge your club. 

Once you've created your club, challenge the other club with match settings as follows:

A red dot indicates a must-have setting, a blue dot indicates a setting that is not the default.

Once all four members of your team have joined the match, the roster can be locked (do not do this until all four players have joined the match)

For players: Once the team match has begun, join the match.

Optionally, players and captains may also join the Solo Tournament

If you are on an NSPDCL team and didn't receive an invitation, please update your settings to allow tournament invites, then message @Typewriter44 and you'll be invited again. 

The Solo Tournament gives team points as follows:

1st place 5 team points
2nd place 4 team points
3rd place 3 team points
4th place 2 team points
5th place 2 team points
6th place 1 team point

Important: As an adjustment for there only being 5 teams, every player can earn points towards their team in the Solo Tournament.

Another adjustment to there only being 5 teams is that there will be no playoffs. The team with the most regular season points + Solo Tournament points will be crowned champion.

If you have any questions, please contact @Typewriter44. Good luck!

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