NSPDCL Season 3 Team Formation

NSPDCL Season 3 Team Formation

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Greetings to all Not-So PRO Daily Chess League Season 2 players! 


Team Formation is officially open.

It is required that all captains post here their Team Name, along with the Player Roster.

Important note: Please make sure to post your team roster only when it is complete (4 players). Use the Team Seeking thread or create a thread of your own in case your team isn't yet complete.


All regular, non-captain players need to confirm for which team they'll be playing, preferably with a message here. Confirmed players will then be properly updated at Season 2 sheets (work in progress).


Team Formation will last until December 28. It is advisable that all teams are fully formed by then.


Please comment with only the necessary info. Use the club notes for chat and the Team Seeking thread if you are either a player willing to present yourself or a captain seeking teammates. You can also make forum threads for any of those.


Captain post example:

Team Name – Captain: @name

Player 1 – @name

Player 2 – @name

Player 3 – @name

Player 4 – @name

Player post example:

I confirm my membership for Team Name.




For further questions, either post here or consult @Typewriter44.


Our best wishes to all participants. Good luck and have fun!

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