PRO Chess League Summer Series: Group C Kicks Off With More Questions Than Answers
Are the 2018 PRO Chess League Champions in trouble heading into Saturday's match with Mumbai?

PRO Chess League Summer Series: Group C Kicks Off With More Questions Than Answers

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This Saturday, four new teams will enter the PRO Chess League Summer Series, as the Armenia Eagles, Moscow Wizards, and Mumbai Movers each will be looking to earn their spot in the Summer Series Championship. Alongside the Eastern Division heavyweights, the Sao Paulo Capybaras will be looking to make the most of their PRO Chess League debut.

PRO Chess League pundits have struggled to pick a clear favorite to win the group. While Armenia, the 2018 PRO Chess League champions, was initially considered a lock for the playoffs, fans have favored the three other teams in the group - especially Sao Paulo. That makes Saturday's Group C Live Club Matches particularly important, as teams look to get a head start in the standings.

2019 PRO Chess League Summer Series | Group C Standings

Team Points Club
Armenia Eagles 0 Fan Club
Moscow Wizards 0 Fan Club
Mumbai Movers 0 Fan Club
Sao Paulo Capybaras 0 Fan Club

While teams will be counting on their star players, they will also be counting on you, the fans, to help them progress to the Summer Series Championship! To help your favorite teams make the cut, make sure to join their clubs and play in this Saturday's Live Club Matches.

Armenia Eagles vs Mumbai Movers
Saturday, July 13 at 7 a.m Pacific

Why Armenia wins: The Eagles look to reassert their PRO Chess League dominance this Summer Series after a disappointing showing in San Francisco. To open the group stage, Armenia faces the Mumbai Movers, a team they have beaten four times in the past two years. While the Eagles have the fewest fans in the Summer Series, GM Zaven Andriasian will be the most experienced PRO Chess League player on Saturday, touting a career 114 games.

GM Zaven Andriasian and the Eagles have a perfect 4/4 record against the Movers, including two playoff wins.

Why Mumbai wins: For the Movers, this is it. After another painful playoff loss to the Armenia Eagles, Mumbai knows that this Saturday might be their best chance yet to upset their PRO Chess League nemesis. General Manager IM Nubairshah Shaikh is counting on GM Farrukh Amonatov this week, but most importantly, his larger fanbase to beat the Eagles. If the Indian side can knock off Armenia, their chances of making the playoffs are quite strong.

Tajikistan's only grandmaster, Farrukh Amonatov will be hunting his first PRO Chess League win on Saturday.
Moscow Wizards vs Sao Paulo Capybaras
Saturday, July 13 at 9:30am Pacific

Why Moscow wins: PRO Chess League pundits have been picking General Manager GM Vlad Dobrov's side as a potential cinderella team in this year's Summer Series. The Wizards enter Group C after a largely successful debut season in 2019, which included earning a playoff spot in the Eastern Division. This week, blitz specialist GM Boris Savchenko will represent Moscow, as his team looks to upset the newest dark horse pick to win the Summer Series.

GM Boris Savchenko is currently one of the highest rated blitz players in the world.

Why Sao Paulo wins: The PRO Chess League's newest team is already proving to be a dangerous force in Group C. On top of having the best fan growth in the Summer Series, Sao Paulo's recent signing, GM Alireza Firouzja, makes the Capybaras an instant title contender. Hundreds of fans are ready to play for Brazil's first-ever PRO Chess League team, making Sao Paulo the favorite, even without General Manager GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian in the lineup.

GM Alireza Firouzja only has four career games in the PRO Chess League, but his online bullet experience makes Sao Paulo a favorite to win Group C.
Predicting the PRO Chess League Summer Series Champion: Fan Take With IM David Pruess

Each week, will reach out to streamers to make their picks for the Summer Series Championship. IM David Pruess (@dpruess) is this week's featured streamer as's main host for the PRO Chess League Summer Series.

Pruess is a regular host for's top events like the PRO Chess League, Junior Speed Chess Championship, and the ChessKid Games. When David is not commentating, he can be found streaming on his channel,, often covering the San Francisco Mechanics:

When asked about his picks for the PRO Chess League Summer Series Championship, Pruess gave us his insight:

"Lots of exciting teams in the Summer Series! As I write this, I'm excitedly awaiting the debut of the Sao Paulo Capybaras, who I expect to be a powerhouse, eventually earning a second seed in the Series Championship. But when it comes to the Championship, it will be the familiar top teams of the 2019 season that will have what it takes to win. Again. The vagaries of seeding cause Saint Louis and Chengdu to face off in the quarterfinals, which will be the match to watch, as the winner will go on to win the Summer Series Championships.

Group D will also be special to watch with the biggest overall fan base of any group, which will probably mean some huge club matches! The Blizzard will probably have to settle for third and the Twitter Vote to get their place in the Summer Series Championship, but once there, they could make a run out of it - till they hit a Final  Four team."

IM David Pruess' Bracket:

IM Pruess sees the Saint Louis Arch Bishops as an early favorite to win the Summer Series Championships.

Disagree with Pruess' picks? Make your picks in the comments and play in the PRO Chess League Summer Series this Saturday, July 13 at 7 a.m. PDT. To watch the official coverage, visit and follow the channel to get notifications for the Summer Series.

Just learning about the PRO Chess League Summer Series? Visit the site and check out the official information article.

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