Admin's Corner and Training Club

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Admins Corner and Training Club Introduction (ACTC): 

When applying - please tell us what clubs you are an admin in, how long you've been an admin and provide some information about your admin experience. There's a box in the application for putting the information in and if you should have any questions, you may ask those in the box as well. 
Please note that ACTC club requires three months membership with to join our club and the minimum age to join ACTC is 16 years old.

"To start off - Our ACTC Club members - who are all Super Admins and Admins - numbering over 500 members currently - have much admin knowledge and experience collectively.  And we share this knowledge with each other and with new members."

This club has a wealth of information to assist admins in discussing admin related issues such as Team Match Setups, Vote Chess, Tournaments and Recruitments.  We also discuss ideas about effective admin communication with each other and various ideas about club approach, techniques and policies and practices. 

We also offer "admin training" for the newer admins that are still learning the responsibilities and guidelines of running an effective club. However, this club is an excellent resource for any admin, new or old.

Our forums contain useful information regarding buttons, features, navigation and much more within's latest user interface - often called V3.  We work to add new threads and information as's features improve and develop. We also discuss workarounds and solutions for bugs and glitches as they happen.

No foul language please.   
ACTC admins will apply policies to protect the club atmosphere.