- Always Take The Shot -

٤٥١ عضو
١٢٤ فعالية لُعبت

You’ve seen it a trillion times!!! Join this club, join that club, we have Matches, Vote Chess, blah, blah, blah!!! There are so many clubs on Chess.com!!! Millions!!! So why should I expect you to join this one??? Well, the answer is simple. I shouldn't!!! There is no logical reason for you to join!!! Or is there??? Hello, my name is @CaptainHugh, and my ultimate Chess.com mission is to set my club apart from other clubs. I refuse to let my club become generic.

We are now doing daily riddles, daily jokes, and weekly puzzles.

We have member of the month competitions, and member of the year. The member of the year is determined on activity level and grow participation. The winner gets a one month DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP!!!

We are in Medieval Wars, and we are a proud member of the Killer Kings Alliance. We work hard in MW and hope to win it someday. 

We are an incredibly active club and we are proud of our team everyday. So, maybe we are just another generic chess.com club. But if you join, I promise you that as a devoted club owner I will work as hard as I can for our club and help it break away from normalcy and continue to grow. As of right now, we have almost 600 members. So, with kindness, I invite you to be the next proud member of ATTS. Whatever you decide, thanks for considering!!! I hope SO much to see you in the club!!!

-- Two real devoted club owners, @CaptainHugh & @Lord-Scar_IV ;-)