Apes United

٦٠٨ أعضاء
٦١٠ فعاليات لُعبت

"Apes Alone Weak; Apes Together Strong

quote from the movie, Planet Of The Apes. It is very true as well. We are all stronger together. I am asking that you help my team and become stronger, together.

Looking for more reasons to join? we...

  • -Have LOTS of vote chess. (top 50 out of all 100,000 clubs) By joining any of these vote chess games we have, you can discuss strategy while playing at the same time. You will always have a team supporting you while doing this so that we can turn a single-person game into a group effort.


  • -Daily matches. These are a little more uncommon, as I want this group to excel at vote chess. But there are always a few that you can join at any given moment if you need to play a few more daily games going.


  • -Daily tournaments. no need to worry about rating loss, because they are all unrated! no loss, but you can win one of our prized trophies in any of our "monkey unrated" tournaments which I will make every so often


  • -Like Apes? as far as I know, we are the largest ape based club on chess.com. So if your favorite animal is any type of primate (gorilla, orangutan, mandrill), then you know this is the right club for you


  • -Joining makes you more handsome and more pretty. Is proven.

Come join this community,  so you can go and brag to your friends and family that you are a part of Apes United