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If you want to join, please pm an admin or super admin for why you want to join and wait for them to approve you. Most other requests otherwise will be denied. If you've pm'd someone please say that in your join request or you may be denied.

Also i'm just putting this out there, you should be comfortable with explicit content and add your age in your join request if you want to join. Nothing too bad in terms of NSFW. But just know that you must be a certain age to join and that this club does post some explicit stuff. Please don't lie about your age in your join request, If you learned something you believe you shouldn't have it's your own fault in that case.


our very professional website which we put a lot of work into:


our even more professional youtube channel:



out of diapers

Followin snoo snoo (Biz)

Join if you're a fan of @B1ZMARK (previously @SNUDOO)

(It's more so just a chill hangout group, less focused on chess and stuff, but more focused around the community.)

Note by owner: This is basically discord for those without discord. 


Hall of Fame and Achievements






@smolnova or sometimes @Mirthedragon



@K1Y0 or @4SPEN


Important stuff:

B1Z has said he'll put his more eDgY blogs here, so if you're interested that's a reason to join





other un-important stuff:

if your active you might get coord (you wont) and if the SA's like you then admin (perhaps)