٤٬٢٧٤ عضو
١٬٢٦٣ فعالية لُعبت

Namastey to all Bharatiyas !!! " Bharat" - is the original name of our country , ' India'- is the name attached by Greeks & popularized by British !BHARAT is the name given by our own ancestors which symbolizes our national heritage and culture.This is our national identity and we want it back ! So,let us set ourselves free from the mental slavery of accepting the names attached to us by others & use "Bharat" ,that name which is our original one.Bharat, our rich national heritage, a constant reminder of our cultural values, our glorious history & is the representation of our country's name in 20 out of 23 official languages showing a unity in diversity! Let "India" become " Bharat" once again !!!.. Anything and anytime for our country BHARAT MATAKI JAI !!! हमारा भारत महान !!! TO BE A MEMBER OF "BHARAT" ,FLYING OF NATIONAL FLAG IS MANDATORY !