Chess Dojo

٣٩٣ عضو
٩٣٧ فعالية لُعبت

Hi, I invite you to join Chess Dojo!

To have fun, to learn chess in a positive, open-minded, drama free, online chess club!

We are ranked:

#367 - in daily matches

#273 - in vote chess.

Hope to welcome you by our side,

Iulia & The Admins

"Dojo" means, in Japanese, "the place of the way" or "the place of illumination". The term is used to describe, in martial arts, the place where training happens. We like chess, we like positive thinking. We admire strength and honour. We promote freedom of speech and collaboration. We play thematic chess, chess960, votechess. We teach each other by mentoring and coaching. We love to learn! But please read the Dojo Code of Honour and Vote Chess Rules in our forums before participating!