Chess is Fun Club

٦٩٩ عضو
٦٦٨ فعالية لُعبت

Welcome to Chess is Fun Club!

We are an active group of 700+ chess players who think that chess is fun. In this club we talk about classic chess and also variants too. We hold live tournaments and also have Daily Matches and Vote Chess! 

We Strive to be a club where friendships grow, where we compete, but are also respectful toward each other. We love to have fun, have a good laugh, and most of all, winning together!

We are also an extremely competitive club and have lots of daily matches! Our goal is to get to the first page of the daily match leaderboard, but to get there, we need your help! We also want to get to 1000+ members and be able to constantly get 100+ people in our matches. (We have done 100+ in some matches before, but not a lot.) We also love Vote Chess and always have several games for you to play in.

Three amazing events and offers you don't want to miss:

1. We have membership race competitions! diamondgoldplatinum 

2. We have membership giveaways!  diamondgoldplatinum 

3. We offer titled player coaching at a discount price!!

We have a Staff and sixteen titled players: a GM, 3 IMs, 4 NMs, 6 FMs, a CM and a WIM!

You should join if you think that Chess is Fun!

Have fun in our club!