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٢١٦ فعالية لُعبت

Our objective is not to take the #1 top place, but to have FUN playing as a team. Maybe we'll have some good games! 😊 Team DUNE is primarily centered around playing vote chess and learning from each other in a friendly atmosphere. We want members newer to chess as well as the more experienced players; we seek fellow players wanting to learn and improve more than winning. Before being accepted into team DUNE, we ask that you have an active chess.com account for at least a year. We implement this so that we may deter cheaters with new accounts from joining, but you might still be accepted if you don’t want to wait a full year to join. Our current club SAs are @KeSetoKaiba and @Arrakis09. If you want to join team DUNE before the one year criterion has passed, then send a message to @KeSetoKaiba and if they do not respond within a week, then message @Arrakis09 (but messaging @KeSetoKaiba is best as the response typically comes as soon as possible). Good luck and have fun 😊