King Of 64

٨٤٦ عضو
٦٥٧ فعالية لُعبت

Hi and welcome to King Of 64 (This club might be private but EVERYONE can join)! 

1. Have loads of fun with new activities such as daily puzzles and riddles and join our membership event!

2. Laugh with other club members!

3. Make many new friends!

4. Be surrounded by many kind members, active admins and helpful super admins as well as 30+ titled players!

5. Learn from our coaching program and professional coaches!

This club is very active and we will have more, matches, Vote chess and more fun activities to do when we have more members! We have created a event which can earn you a membership! You can join to read more info. We play in Vote Chess matches, tournament and joined Medieval War! Plus, If you are a titled player or gifter, you can get coordinator! We, the King Of 64 staff, all believe that having strong players doesn't make us the king. We have to focus on friendship, kindness and request help from players all around the world, no matter how strong they are. Not only that, we have to be persistent, never give up and climb our way slowly to the crown. That is what that makes us stand out! Now what are you waiting for, join us and give us a hand!