Not-So Pro 4 Player Chess League

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٠ فعالية لُعبت

Welcome to the Not-So PRO 4 Player Chess League!

The Not-So Pro 4 Player Chess League is a league in which players of all strength levels can compete in a teams four player chess competition. Teams of 4 will compete against other teams of 4, with two boards on each team ("Board 1" as the highest rated player and second highest rated player on each team, and "Board 2" as the third highest rated and fourth highest rated) clashing with each other. The exact format is still being determined, but the games will be 2 minutes plus a 15 second delay on each move, with 3-5 weeks of regular season play consisting of 3 games for each board, and the top 4 or 8 teams qualifying for a knockout stage, and the winner of the knockout stage will be crowned champion for that season. 

The full rules are soon to be published, so join the club to be notified when that happens!