Obsessive Chess Disorder.

١٩٥ عضو
٧٣٣ فعالية لُعبت

We are a small well established club of very active chess obsessed members, all levels are welcome; however, membership is LIMITED to ensure a personal, close knit team, places here are therefore coveted and inactivity is NOT acceptable.

We are involved in every area of chess at this site including: Team matches - both League and Friendly & Vote Chess in both Standard and 960 forms. We play internal championships, unrated group tournaments, and have our renowned group ladders, team tag matches and many social activities. We also dabble in Live Chess!
Our matches are carefully managed to ensure success. 

We are the Team Match Championship League winners (most prestigious league at this site) for our division in 2019.



1 Year site membership is a prerequisite to join OCD.