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Hello everyone! We WELCOME everyone who has passion to join this club!!

We have all kinds of activities, including live matches, daily matches, live tournaments, daily tournaments, vote chess, and daily puzzles! The daily puzzles include beginner and mastery puzzles! We love chess and everything positive in life.



1. Why should you join our club?

  • Because we organize both live and daily tournaments, lots of them!
  • Because you will be surrounded by nice people all the time!
  • We have lots of fun events!
  • We love matches!
  • We have good and responsible admins and super admins that take care of our club every day!
  • You will NEVER get kicked unless you did something wrong😅


2. Why the name Passion?

  • It's our symbol and our main theme!
  • Because only people who have at least 1 passion in life can join!
  • We have Passion discussions!
  • We don't need to talk about chess all the time! We have other discussions, as long as they are not nonsense!
  • We sometimes do Passion tournaments, where people get Passion trophies😅


3. How do I contact someone here if I get into a bad situation?

  • Contact the club owner, @AiryWigglyTown 
  • If someone is abusing you, or you spot a cheater, keep distance from them.
  • If you are an admin or super admin, mute the person( But don't kick or ban ) that you want to keep distance from, but if you do that for no reason, you'll get kicked!


4. What are our promises?

  • We promise you will make lots of new friends here!
  • We promise you will have fun!
  • We promise you'll be surrounded by good people!



1. This club is passionate and I like it.


"There if no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life."

Welcome to our club!!!!!