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Welcome to Shining smiles: )

The name of this club has a very deep meaning: ) so I started a club in real life once named Shining Smiles which was about writing letters to sick people who r in the hospitals we once did 200 letters to kids who have cancer we still do our best with writing letters and I think this was one of the best ideas that I came up with (because my ideas are terrible sometimes lol) : ) it was tiring but we felt like flying when we saw the kids smiling: ) (that was not a long time ago: ) so I created this club for people to help us from all around the world to write these letters: ) We also play chess and talk about chess ofc, we have many live tournaments per day: ) We have forums about a different type of things and it will be soooo much fun: ) Hopefully we can be a beautiful big family: ) thank u sooo much for everyone's support I really love u allll wonderful people: ) and just remember no matter what happens the smile has to stay with u because u r someone's reason to smile: ) We also want our club to be one of the most unique clubs ever and so far we have been achieving that by making activities and other topic that not many clubs have done before : ) MAKE UR SMILE SHINE : )