The Blogger Awards

٣٢٣ عضو
١٩ فعالية لُعبت

Welcome! You are invited to join the Blogger Awards, the second-largest club on dedicated to blogging.

Each month, we honor blogs in several categories of achievement. The awards are given to honor artistic and technical merit in the blogging industry.

Home to 12 Top Bloggers, 4 titled players, and many more of your favorite aspiring bloggers!

Besides the awards, this club is the perfect place to discuss all aspects of blogging, including thumbnails and annotations, and get your blogs reviewed by multiple bloggers.

Whether you participate in the competition or not, you are free to spectate and talk with other bloggers. 

So, join us today for the awards, blogging reviews, discussion and even a chance to win membership prizes and be recommended for Top Blogger!