The Chess Special Forces

٣٢٥ عضو
٣١٩ فعالية لُعبت

Hello from The Chess Special Forces.

Here, we are very competitive, with multiple Daily Matches, Votechess, and Live Tournaments, in addition to other club events, such as Blog Of The Month and Game of the Month. . Aside from our determination to get to the top 100 in Matches and Votechess, we also compete in multiple leagues, such as Club Wars. Whatever you’re looking for in a club, be it competition, a community, or anything else, we can provide it here. So join us, and we’ll rise to the top of every leaderboard on

Leagues we are participating in:

  • Club Wars
  • Knockout Team Match League
  • Knockout Vote Chess League
  • One World League

Thanks for viewing this and I hope you join