The KINGS Castle

٣١١ عضو
٩٧ فعالية لُعبت
Hello! Welcome to “The KINGS Castle”! This group has a goal of 1000+ members and a respected rating. If you think that chess is the best game in the world and you don't feel at home in any other group, this group is for you! You are welcome to join this amazing team, TOGETHER we stand to the best, TOGETHER we fight to the death, and TOGETHER we leave a trail of defeated enemies. The things we stand for are: WE and TOGETHER. As a very wise man once said; “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. There is always a lot going on at The KINGS Castle! We are very strong in VC and doing well in TM', what do you say? The drawbridge is open for you? Grab your sword and come fight beside The KINGS! Charge on to victory KINGS! Never back up, never back down!