The Pandora's box club.

٩٣٣ عضو
١٩١ فعالية لُعبت

Welcome to this new club, "The Pandora's box club" that we have created.
I hope that this club will meet your expectations.
To enjoy our common passion, chess, I hope for all.
We will become a very active club, I assure you.
Because, we will participate soon enough in official competitions, where we will register little by little.
And, I hope that with your support, my dearest members, the club will gradually take off for the better, and for your entertainment, I hope.
Here we will have tournaments of dailies, voting tournaments, internal tournaments, music, puzzles, etc.
And a good atmosphere to make new friends and chat if you want.
Let me introduce you to this club. 
We are a friendly club and will be very active, don't doubt it. We will be happy to welcome you.
We are a cool club and you will find that out, if the doors of our club open for you. 
What are you waiting for? Come and visit us.
Thank you for your support if you become a member.
We do not accept spammers, cheaters and abusive members.