The Pawns Club

٦١٥ عضو
٣٦٨ فعالية لُعبت

Welcome to The Pawns Club!


Here at the Pawns Club our goal is to improve our chess, socialize, and most of all, have fun! We've got a lot of interesting forums and discussions, plus many daily and vote chess matches you can play in! We also have many titled players and coaches in this club! We have useful chess articles and blogs that are frequently posted, as well as frequent live and daily tourneys! Some unique features of our club include having a weekly newsletter, Member of the Week, Match Player of the Week, and Vote Chess Player of the Week!


Our goal at the Pawns Club is to provide a great chess experience to all

our members, no matter their personal chess skill or age. Everyone is

warmly welcomed to the club!

We make it our top priority to keep our members happy. Simply reach

out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

Thanks for reading!