Test Your Chess: Candidates Game Of The Day Lessons
Test your skills against the Candidates!

Test Your Chess: Candidates Game Of The Day Lessons‎

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Are you following the 2020 FIDE Candidates Tournament? It's an exciting race so far, with top prize being a ticket to a match with World Champion Magnus Carlsen. For each round of the tournament, we have a video highlighting the game of the day AND challenges so you can test yourself on the problems the candidates had to solve at the board!

Giri vs Nepomniachtchi - Round 1: Anish Giri began the Candidates tournament with a sharp opening novelty. How did Ian Nepomniachtchi respond? Join GM Simon Williams as he demonstrates this exciting battle.

MVL vs Ding - Round 2: Ding Liren entered the Candidates tournament as one of the favorites, while Maxime Vachier-Lagrave only joined as a last-minute replacement. After a first-round loss will Ding be able to bounce back, or will MVL take the tournament lead? Join IM Danny Rensch to find out!

Caruana vs Alekseenko - Round 2 Bonus: In round two of the FIDE Candidates, the top seed faced the bottom seed with the White pieces. Was Fabiano Caruana able to join the tournament leaders or did Kirill Alekseenko find a way to turn the tables? Find out along with IM Danny Rensch in our bonus Game of the day for round two.

Ding vs Caruana - Round 3: Ding Liren lost his first two games and ran into a sharp novelty from the top seed of the tournament, Fabiano Caruana, in round three. Would Ding head to his third straight loss, or would he find a way to turn things around? Join IM Danny Rensch for this lesson!

MVL - Grischuk Round 4:  In round four of the Candidates, MVL gained a huge lead on the clock and a strong attacking position against Grischuk. Will it be enough to win? Join IM Danny Rensch to find out!

Nepomniachtchi - Wang - Round 5:  In round five of the Candidates, there was excitement in multiple games, but the only decisive encounter was a battle between the leaders Nepomniachtchi and Wang in a Petroff Defense. Join IM Danny Rensch as he describes how the ideas of the engine AlphaZero helped to decide the game!

Nepomniachtchi - Ding - Round 6: In round six Nepomniachtchi took control of the tournament with a win against Ding. IM Levy Rozman demonstrates the key ideas, including a spectacular drawing tactic that Ding could have played to hold on!

MVL - Nepomniachtchi - Round 7: In round seven the leader of the tournament, Nepomniachtchi, played a sharp French Defense against MVL in second place. Would Nepo take a two-point lead on the field or would there be a tie for first place? Join GM Simon Williams to find out!

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