Can You Solve Our 2020 Holiday Puzzler?

Can You Solve Our 2020 Holiday Puzzler?

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Your favorite annual chess quiz tradition is back for the 2020 holidays. 

Enjoy this year's quiz, and see if you can win one of our prizes for a top score.

Play the puzzler here.

[Jan. 5, 2021 update: click here to see the correct answers and winners.]


  • All ties will be resolved by the earliest received submission, so send in your answers as soon as you know them. But try to be as accurate as possible—it usually takes close to a perfect score to win. 
  • Answers will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on Monday, January 4, 2021, or 8:59 (Central European Time) on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, and only a member's first submission will be considered.
  • Spelling counts. The quiz is scored automatically by Google Forms, so make sure you spell your responses correctly. For player names, write the first and last name only in that order. Use a capital letter as the first letter of proper nouns. Do not use any accent marks.
  • You can use any resources at your disposal to get the answers (engines, web search, comment section, phone-a-friend, etc.).
  • Provide your valid username and an e-mail for your answer receipts in the form.

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  • 1st-3rd place: One year of Diamond membership
  • 4th-10th place: One year of Platinum membership
  • 11th-20th place: One year of Gold membership

The Puzzler:

(Mobile users: If you are having trouble filling out the embedded form below, you can complete the form here.)


Correct answers:

2. gymnasium
3. Vladimir Kramnik
4. Beth Harmon (Elizabeth Harmon also accepted)
5. Blackmar–Diemer Gambit
6. Jorden van Foreest
7. knight
8. 1927
9. Fabiano Caruana
10. Vasily Borgov
11. Stockfish (source below)

[Event "CCRL 40/15"]
[Site "CCRL"]
[Date "2020.09.09"]
[Round "735.1.234"]
[White "Booot 6.4 64-bit"]
[Black "Stockfish 12 64-bit"]

12. 1972
13. Hikaru Nakamura
14. 7
15. Louis Paulsen
16. Draw
17. Alireza Firouzja
18. Ding Liren
19. Fiona Steil-Antoni
20. 21,196 (21,193 also accepted due to a conflicting source)


Let us know what you think of the puzzler in the comments below. 

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