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40 Percent Off ChessKid Memberships, One Month Only!

40 Percent Off ChessKid Memberships, One Month Only!

Sep 1, 2017, 6:59 AM 14 Scholastics

You've bought your kids extra pencils, notebooks, and brand new shoes. What's left for your back-to-school shopping? Hint: It's something you can't even put in a backpack.

A shiny gold membership to unlock all the fun and training tools of ChessKid.com!

And for the first time, ChessKid is offering discounted memberships for families that buy yearly memberships for one to five children. In the month of September, ChessKid memberships will be 40 percent off if you use this link!*


ChessKid, the scholastic extension of Chess.com, is perfect for elementary-aged children learning the game. The site is built with safety as the highest priority.

But there a loads of features unlocked with your gold membership, some of which don't even exist on Chess.com!


With a gold, the child will be able to watch all 600+ videos, which are full of animations and sound effects. Budding ChessKids will also be able to solve unlimited puzzles in our 50,000+ database, play all 10 computer levels, and access our "levels" system. This will allow FunMasterMike to guide them through our videos and lessons in a step-by-step way.

Can your child make it to King 99? Let's find out!


In addition, parents get their adult account upgraded to gold when they purchase any size package for children. That allows them to view all the content and even group kids into "clubs" for tournaments, matches, leaderboards, group report cards, assignments, and more!

This is the first-ever month-long promotion of its kind on ChessKid. Make sure to take advantage of the discount!

If you have questions about the upgrade process, adding an existing child to your adult account, or similar concerns, please email questions@chesskid.com and we will be happy to help you out.

*Discount only for yearly memberships of 1-5 gold memberships. The promotion expires September 30, 2017.

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