8 Hard Points: 2 Queens vs. 1 ... and an Underdog Win!

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 The following chess game is a game that I would like to share with the community because it demonstrates a die-hard attitude and a willingness to continue on in battle against seemingly impossible odds.

The intention of this posting is not to boast or in any way demean my opponent, but rather ... to set as an example for all of us advid chess players that even if you lose a minor piece, a major piece or even the Queen ... ... battle on, Soldier !! Battle on !!

[Also, please be considerate when posting a response to this article. Remember that "Hindsight is 20/20" and so charging out loud that such a move shouldn't have been made or should've been made, is sometimes meaningless].

Eventhough part of chess discussion is, in fact, suggesting alternative moves ... it is important not to be critical, since one can only play the board at a given moment in time, and the human mind is easily flustered by emotions, impulsion and even fear, which may make even the Grand Masters regret their last move].

"What is done in the present, is set in stone in the past, and it can only affect the future."

                                                --- Jason del Argo

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